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HKT provide LED Display for Events:

Indoor Rental LED Tiles:   P2.5 Rental LED Screen;P3 Rental LED Screen;P3.91 Rental LED Screen;P4 Rental LED Screen;P4.81 Rental LED Display;
Outdoor Rental LED Tiles:P4.8 Outdoor LED Display Screen Rental;P5.9 Outdoor LED Display Screen Rentals;P8 Outdoor Rental LED Display;P10 Outdoor Rental LED Screen;
Rental LED Display Panel: 480mmx480mm led tiles;500mmx500mm led display panel;640mmx640mm led display cabinet;500mmx1000mm led panels;etc.

Mobile LED Display,Rental Video LED Display Screen,Cabinet Material: die-casting aluminum led panel;aluminum led panel;die-casting magnesium alloy led tiles;Iron cabinet;etc.


TV Live Show Spot LED Display,Exhibition Hall LED Display,Acting and Art Center LED Display,Entertainment Places LED Display,Large Art Party Spot LED Display,Concert Spot LED Display,Government Square LED Display,Leisure Square LED Display,Large Entertainment Plaza LED Display,Flourishing Business and Trade Center LED Display,Advertising Info Releasing Sign LED Display,Business Street LED Display,Train Station LED Display,Large Stadium LED Display,Train Waiting Lobby LED Display,etc.


HKT Group now focusing on developing and selling high end electronic products. It is dedicated to providing its clients with a comprehensive series of high-quality and innovative products and services. It makes every effort to make live and world more colorful.

¡°Beyond Normal¡± is the goal of HKT, we will keep aggressive and innovative to build ¡°HKT¡± become a popular and respectable brand.

HKT-Shenzhen LED Display Manufacuturer!   Phone: +86-755-29189831    Mail: hkt18@hktvisual.com