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Sales Agents:

We actively recruit agents for HKT display products.  A few of the criteria for sales agents are listed below:

The enterprise should be with independent corporate representative or individual with a specific marketing segment/channel.

With the sales and marketing experience of correlative products or the specific marketing channel.

With the experience of establishing and the managing the marketing channel and the ability of providing to clients after service support.

With the ability of developing and fulfilling a marketing plan.

Can coorperate with our company to carry out the activity of market promotion.

The sales volumes in a quarter caní»t dip lower than the sales contract quota.

The enterprise should have positive customer references for their direct marketing channel.


Management strategy:

We will gradually develop to the upstream industry, have the competitive power to grow while maintaining support, positively participate in the international competition, supply an innovative enterprise system and have an effective marketing mechanism for a rapid reaction to gain market share.

Relying on the flexible manufacturing/production agreements and our own technical strength, we will always keep our products on the leading edge in the aspect of function and technology and provide our digital products in high quality with competitive power.